CETIS Blogs - Jan 2009-Feb 2012 - select rising terms (last 6 months)

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This shows the history of the way certain terms have been used (related words are counted also, e.g. "gaming" would be counted as "game"). The chart loads up showing each term as a different coloured blob with a size determined by the percentage of blog posts that contain it and a location on the graph to show the term frequency and the average "subjectivity" of blog posts containing the term. "Subjectivity" is calculated as the fraction of words that generally have either a positive or negative sentiment connotation. Calculations were conducted in 4 month slices. True calculated values are plotted for the mid-point of each time slice and spline interpolation is used to give the impression of a smooth change between these points. In total, 479 blog posts were used

NB: observe the scales and be aware that insignificant fluctuations in the data may be magnified (especially true for "subjectivity" and sentiment scores. Also note that sentiment values are essentially meaningless when the frequency is close to the baseline.